Yep...we've done it...AGAIN!

Yep...we've done it...AGAIN!

Same Same but different Gifts goes...


After many, many, many hours adjusting, fiddling, changing, calculating...our little Aussie site is now shipping Internationally!

If you are lucky enough to be from the following countries, most of the queer delights that you will find in our store can now be sent to you.

Australia (duh)
New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom

We do intend to roll out to other countries in the near future, once we get the hang of things :) Still pretty much a one gal operation here :P

Still working on straightening out a few things (so to speak) so please, be kind. If you see something that doesn't appear quite right, looks wonky, upside-down....I will get to fixing it but feel free to let me know.

We have also managed to maintain our FREE SHIPPING policy too which is super exciting! Nothing worse than getting excited about adding something to your cart only to find you need to pay an arm & a leg to get it in your hot little hands. But again, if that does happen.....please let me know so that I can fix it up for you :)

Right...that's it for now! Feel free to Share this Post to any International mates you may have that are keen on updating their Pride gear. I'll be doing a formal launch at the end of the week and we will be celebrating with some wicked discounts and prizes too so stay tuned!


Bec & Karen

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